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  Update (Sept, 2002): I still offer the RSXNT compiler here, but I strongly recommend that unless you have a good reason, you should download the MinGW port of gcc instead. It's about the same size as RSXNT, installs in a very similar directory structure, supports a more complete set of Win32 API calls, and is based on a much newer version of gcc (3.2) which has specific optimizations for modern processors such as the Pentium-4. MinGW is also compatible with Microsoft object files and library files (RSXNT is not), and, finally, it's much better supported than RSXNT at the present time (RSXNT basically stopped development in 1999). You may wish to download the RSXNT IDE, which can be used with MinGW. If you still want the RSXNT port of gcc (RSXNT can be used to create executables that will run in MS-DOS, for example), read on...

Update (Jan, 2002): I updated this distribution. I simplified the directory structure and removed some source code to make it smaller (too much download traffic!). To get all original source code, go to the RSXNT home page

I have on my web server a distribution of the EMX/RSXNT Win32 C/C++ Compiler that should install fairly easily: rsxnt_install.exe (9.3 MB). It is a self-extracting zip archive. It requires about 40 MB of disk space on your C-drive to install it. This is version EMX 0.9c, RSXNT 1.4.0, gcc version There is a more recent version on the home page for RSXNT, but I have found this version to be very robust. I have also reorganized (simplified) the directory structure in this distribution so that it is optimized for a Win32 computer. I don't remember this compiler ever failing to compile a single line of C or C++ code in several hundred thousand lines of both C and C++. I cannot say that about many other compilers. In this age of smart software installers, this is a very crude install, but here are the install steps. Note that this package will only install to the C-drive, though a clever hacker should be able to modify the install to use a different drive (check install.bat and the modified autoexec.bat file).
  • Download rsxnt_install.exe to your desktop.
  • Double-click it. It should create a folder called rsxnt_dist_2002a.
  • Double-click that folder to open it.
  • Double-click the "install" batch file.
  • Follow the directions.
  • When you are done and satisfied that you won't have to re-install the compiler, you can delete the rsxnt_dist_2002a folder and the rsxnt_install.exe file to recover disk space.
Windows NT/2000/XP Users
The install process above tries to modify your AUTOEXEC.BAT file on your C drive in order to set the appropriate environment variables for RSXNT and also to modify your path. In Windows NT/2000/XP, AUTOEXEC.BAT cannot be used to do this. Instead, you must right-click the My Computer icon on your desktop, select Properties, then select the Environment tab (for Windows 2000/XP, you must first select the Advanced tab), and put in (or modify) the environment variables yourself. For the RSXNT install above (on the C: drive), these are the environment variables you need to set and the values to set them to:


In addition, you must add this directory to your PATH environment variable:
You can add the above directory to the beginning or the end of your existing path--it doesn't especially matter unless you have the same command in multiple directories in your path.

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